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02 - Hysteria

Hysteria (Ray Pham) remains a bit of an enigma. He abandoned the sunshine and beaches of Sydney for the darkness of the Berlin winter, where he found solace amongst the shadows of the clubs and the sounds within. His sets are stacked with deep and driving techno, scattered with dub and house throughout.

He rounds off 2015 with the second mix for Patterns of Perception, with a focus on a driving and energetic sound to help bring in the new year.

Hysteria's Links: Facebook SoundCloud


Polar Intertia - The Last Vehicle (Francois X Remix) Rraph - ESeries (Kwartz Remix) Pfirter - The Fall of the Empire is Imminent (Developer Remix) Ryan James Ford - Lidya Birkett Donor & Truss - Spacial Conforce - Revolt Dx Reeko - To the Sun Abdulla Rashim & Axel Hallqvist (Claudio PRC Remix) Oscar Mulero - Disinformation Kessell - Body Shock DSCRD - The Dawn Bas Mooy - Desolaat (Xhin Remix) Abstract Division - Metropolis


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