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  • Zilka Grogan

Selections: 2019 Retrospective

Leading up to our final party of 2019, the six members of our collective have selected 10 stand-out tracks heard or played over this past year, each recalling key musical moments from our dance floor and beyond. 

We hope you’ll recognise some of the tracks in this retrospective Patterns of Perception Ten - and we hope to see you at OHM Berlin this Friday for a last dance for 2019.


From Preta. Caim Records, 2019.

The standout track from a standout EP. We first discovered Caim when visiting the Breakfast Club in Amsterdam in October last year where they have a residency, and instantly fell in love. They have managed to find this perfect sweet spot between deep house, techno and breaks, which sums up this track perfectly. It’s super hypnotic, with endless rolling loops that has the ability to put you in a meditative state - even in the middle of a packed dance floor. - Kim


Was so nice to hear this track in a club setting for once and not in a mix. Dropped in with aplomb by Eric Cloutier for our 3rd year anniversary at About Blank. Muscular basslines working the lines perfectly with acid synths. And who thought that cowbells could sound so good on the dance floor? - Hysteria


This playful, tripped out breakbeat excursion made quite an impact within the Patterns of Perception crew this year. Coming from Italian producer Piezo (via the label of super fellow OHM residents Version), this distinctive record received several spins by our resident DJs throughout the year, and always managed to blow up the d-floor. - Steve


This takes me right back to the Labyrinth festival dance floor in October and spending six hours dancing in the relentlessly pouring rain for Peter Van Hoesen’s closing set. The kind of track that gives you the power to just keep going, even when the elements say no. One of many musical highlights of 2019 - made even more powerful for hearing it on the Labyrinth sound system for the first time. - Zilka


From U+Zone. Butter Sessions, 2019.

Cosmic with deep pads and a rolling, broken percussion. Perfect track to warm up the dance floor. Two standout tracks on this EP from Melbourne-duo Sleep D on their label, Butter Sessions, earlier this year. ‘U+Zone’ edges it a bit as it captures the essence of the kind of vibe I started to play around with my sets this as of late. - Hysteria


From the Moderskärlek EP. Trolldans, 2014.

Originally released in 2014, this track just came to my attention around a year ago, and is one that I’ve spun consistently throughout 2019. The stripped-back, minimal percussion creates a groove that is both insistent and yet somehow detached. The first two thirds of the track is all percussion and noise, and can be used to create a kind of levee between different stages of a set, while the final third strips away all the noise to make way for an icy, almost sorrowful pad that takes the track out and into whatever mixes in next. A piece of music that is both strangely unique and surprisingly versatile. - Andreas


For a track that turned 22 this year, this still sounds incredibly fresh to my ears. A seductive detachment pervades the rolling groove, while a pad swirls mystifyingly over the rising and falling ebb and flow of the percussion. I’ve cleared a dancefloor with this at the wrong moment, but in the right place this can take one on an ecstatic, hypnotic journey. - Andreas


From Stress Test. Ilian Tape, 2019.

So simple, and so effective. Don’t be fooled by the tough stance of the warbly monotonal loop or the finely tuned bass - there’s an incredibly playful side to this track, and an insane amount of groove to go along with it. Having a chance to play this on several proper sound systems this year was a real treat. - Steve


From Likemind 04. Likemind, 1996.

As I look back at 2019, I’m happy to share this diamond in the rough - Eau Rouge by Nuron. There’s so much I love about this hidden gem, which I discovered at the beginning of the year. With a release date over 20 years ago, it’s no surprise this song feels timeless and transportive. You can expect a lot of groove and an unexpected melody that requires inward contemplation – a seemingly perfect fit for end of year listening. Enjoy. - Bianca


From bblisss. bblisss, 2018.

Huerco S. makes some of the most stunning ambient music out there, and his work as Pendant is no exception. This track is a few years old but I rediscovered it earlier this year while preparing for an ambient set and it’s been on heavy rotation at home and out ever since. It’s textured, warm and transports me back to one of those amazing Berlin summer nights. - Kim


Full playlist:


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