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  • Zilka Grogan

Selections: Music for a new year

If ever there was a new year that's required us to look forward, rather than back, this is the one. Now that the world has collectively turned a page on 2020, we’re kicking things off with a playlist of music to celebrate this fresh start, selected by Patterns of Perception.


Steve Good - Less

This piece by Steve Good transports me right back to the final morning of the Labyrinth festival in 2019. While 2020 didn’t bring any magical moments like this, I am quite optimistic that this year we’ll be able to start experiencing music again more like we did before the pandemic. - Kim

doc sleep - Emerado Falls

This track feels a bit like waking up: it’s hopeful yet contemplative – suggesting a new dawn, but maybe not an entirely uncomplicated one. It was released in early 2019, yet for me resonates so much with this particular moment. - Zilke

Harold Budd - The Foundry (for Mika Vainio)

I didn’t plan to make both my selections in some way about COVID-19, but here it is: 2020 saw the tragic death at the hands of COVID of one of my most treasured ambient/minimalist composers, Harold Budd, whose works, even well into his 70s and 80s, continued to captivate and calm. I thought it fitting to select here his own tribute to also-departed Mika Vainio, another artist whose works I spent a lot of time with in 2020. - Andreas

Malibu - Tilting On Windmills

Malibu’s nostalgic, personal and utterly beautiful ambient works have been a true source of inspiration for me this year. Tilting On Windmills comes from her album One Life, and is a simple yet powerful piece with a pure, optimistic atmosphere and a hint of melancholia at its core. Perfect for reflecting on the complicated, difficult year behind us, and embracing hope for what’s to come. - Steve

Billus - Positivity Keeps The Disk Afloat

What a fitting title if we’re to speak about moving forward. Naming aside, this track has the uplifting buoyancy of downtempo propelled with a hypnotic, minimal bassline. It comes as no surprise that this release finds its place on new Australian label Mindmap, whose essence is derived from the deep and minimal. I’m a bit tired of hearing so much ambient after last year, so this kind of mellow music will hold a special place for me in 2021. I highly recommend checking out the whole compilation of Mindmap’s first release, it’s not only peppered with 14 wonderful tracks, but 100% of the label’s profits are donated to the Black Rainbow organisation too. - Bianca

Caim - Absynth

Caim brings the heat with this sexy tech house groover. The perfect track to ring in 2021. - Kim

Loop LF - IZ 200

This track points me into a reflective mood, before moving forward I need to look back. Waking up from a deep slumber, filled with sparks of imagination and drowsiness wrapped in a flow of broken beats that chugs along. This is how it feels like closing out my year. - Ray

Donato Dozzy - Aquatica

Donato Dozzy and Eric Cloutier’s Palinoia LTD 001 was the first EP purchase of the year for me, and arrived (in Berlin) while I was in Australia for a long, unplanned holiday that was forced on me by Covid-19 restrictions. I was excited to get back home and find the vinyl had arrived, although also due to restrictions, I’m yet to play it out. Dozzy’s Aquatica delivers a liquid, lush, expansive groove that is full of seductively reverb-drenched sounds, dancing across the sonic scene and melting into one another with characteristic Dozzy masterfulness. - Andreas

DJ Plead & Anunaku - Clap Clap

A track for missing the dance floor. I want to hear this played during an outdoor set doused in sunshine, when summer is in full swing. Something to hope for in 2021. - Zilke

DJ Trance & Darwin Chamber - Indians And Aliens (Roza Terenzi Terrestrial Mix)

I love Roza Terenzi’s version of this trance classic. The original has an alluring, dirty baseline but it’s Terenzi’s vivacious percussion that makes this track burst with colour. It reminds me of the dusty red dance floors of Aussie bush doofs; a fond memory, which I’m looking forward to reliving again soon. For now, cut shapes on your rug to this irrefutable dancey number and be careful to not get carpet burn. - Bianca

Mathis Ruffing - Emotional Dance Music

To date, the catalogue of MSJY’s Unposed imprint consists entirely of music that’s specifically made for closing out a DJ set in a positive, emotional way. This concept applies just as well for seeing off an entire year - particularly one like 2020. Mathis Ruffing’s contribution to the second Docile Outros compilation perfectly balances uplifting, nostalgic melodies, propulsive rhythms and a wicked acid line that electrifies the entire piece. If you haven’t already, check out the Unposed catalogue - it’s full of beautiful, diverse dance floor bombs like this, with all profits going to offering food support to Yemen's humanitarian crisis. - Steve

Aloka - Enigma

The metamorphosis of my being into an abstract spatial entity. Sliding into the new year, with speed-dealers on with clarity but remaining dogmatic. - Ray


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