• Zilka Grogan

Selections: DJ SO

From the nature to the music, Japan has been an inspiration for our collective since the very beginning. We’re excited to bring this Japanese influence to Patterns of Perception // Winter Edition when SO, a resident of Labyrinth festival, joins the lineup this Saturday.

We also have a close connection with SO himself, having first met at Nachtdigital in 2016, where he played one of the festival’s stand-out sets. Ahead of this weekend’s gig, we asked SO to share a selection of his favourite Japanese music with us. This is what he had to say.

“Here I introduce my favourite Japanese producers and my top 10 tracks from them. It is not a ranking from one to 10. Rather, the first five are danceable techno/house tracks and the last five are more downtempo and chill-out tracks.

The first five includes well-known names like Nobu, Wata Igarashi and Takaaki Itoh, all of whom I play a lot. Miruga is an artist from Nagano who makes atmospheric techno/house. Itokim is also a great producer and this track is one I played at Nachtdigital 2016, Sunday morning lakeside, where I actually met (Patterns of Perception residents) Kim and Steve.

For the last five, I like this Iori downtempo track which is cool and mystic. This is a remix but Iori’s productions are always not only staying just techno and house. Kuniyuki and Koss are the same guy. He is also a great producer who has several styles but I really love those two tracks in particular. They’re very calm and soft. Steve Good has been the sound engineer at the Labyrinth festival for 20 years as well and just released a new album last month. This one is the best one for me from that album. Lastly, Naohito makes beautiful house and chill-out tracks. This one is from 2007 but it’s such a timeless, gentle song. By the way, those last four tracks are all from northern island Hokkaido. Now we can see how nature is inspiring the production of beautiful songs.”

Miruga From the Atmospheric EP. Foureal Records, 2017.


Wata Igarashi From Stealth 2/3. Time to Express, 2016.


Ken Ishii From LC Circuit. Devotion Records, 2018.


DJ Nobu From EP1. BleeD, 2015.


Itokim From The No One Else EPNice & Nasty, 2009.


Iori From Ten Years Of Phonica. Phonica Records, 2014.


Kuniyuki Takahashi From Early Tape Works (1986 – 1993) Vol. 2. Music From Memory, 2018.


Naohito Uchiyama From The Sun Also Rises. Synapse, 2008.


Koss From Silence. Mule Musiq, 2015.


Steve Good From Nothing Is Ever Created Or Destroyed. Self Released, 2020.

Catch DJ SO at Patterns of Perception // Winter Edition this weekend, along with Peverelist, Shifted, Timnah Sommerfeldt, Lara Palmer, Antonio Giova and more.


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