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  • Zilka Grogan

Selections: 150bpm+ with upsammy & Steve Duncan

To warm up for our party at OHM this coming Friday, September 16, we invited upsammy plus Patterns resident Steve Duncan to share five tracks in the 150bpm+ range that have caught their attention lately.


Selected by Upsammy

Sub - Tensions

"I think is a beautiful eerie track that merges IDM elements with DnB, also some electro. It feels quite organic and electric at the same time, something I really like in music."

Opiate - People (Remember Salami)

"This track also contains an eerie and floaty element. I enjoy the vocal-ish sound in this track and also the pads, they feel very nostalgic. The wobbly bass/synth gives the track some sort of underwater vibe."

S’apex - Tonexad (Far Behind)

"This track sounds hyper digital, it has a crispy 2000’s distortion to (even though it was released in 1998) which I like. I guess you would qualify this as DnB but the drum sounds are not so obvious, very well designed. It becomes quite futuristic, sci-fi and snappy."

ИНФХ - Limitless body

"This track is a bit newer and super futuristic, also quite deconstructed I would say. It reminds me a bit of recent Aphex Twin. I love the spiky, modulating, sharp sounds. It feels like I’m morphing in and out of different spaces."

Nebuchadnezzar - Lethal Weapon

"This track is aggressive and playful at the same time, it has a heavy bass that sort of skips around. Nice to play in a set as a pulsating half-time head nod moment."

Selected by Steve Duncan

Pretty Sneaky - A

"The understated groove in this tune is pretty hard to pull yourself away from. It's also easy to get lost in the wonderful, free-flowing percussive details happening throughout."

Actefy - Glow

"Whirling rhythms and insistent percussion offset by a delicate melancholic pad. Lovely stuff!"

Vel - Squirmin' Like A Toad

"This track combines heft with cosmic psychedelia, but what sticks the most are the round, rubbery (squirmy?) kicks and wild rhythms."

Martsman - Subbed

"Have been coming back to this track regularly since I first heard it. There's something special in the simple, compelling arrangement - and the towering sub bass."

Sage - Boy

"Building around a simple abstract vocal sample, this track pulses with smooth energy."


Full playlist:


Patterns of Perception // upsammy & Felix K is taking place on Friday, September 16 at OHM Berlin.


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