• Zilka Grogan

Photo Series: Patterns of Perception in Milan

Not so long ago we had the opportunity to play a Patterns of Perception showcase in Milan. In a year of international exploration and connection, this excursion left its mark on our collective. The incredibly warm and welcoming Acquario crew invited three of our resident DJs, Kim, Steve and Andreas, to play their regular midday-to-midnight party at the venue Masada. It was a special meeting with a like-minded collective of DJs and music lovers, and a rare chance to experience the energy and exuberance of the Masada crowd.

There to capture the trip was our good friend, photographer Christoph Abatzis. The resulting photo series features images of patterns and reflections, light and shade, that take us from the plane to the party and beyond.

Shot on a Yashica T3 analogue point and shoot camera, Christoph wanted to document our collective (and some friends who came along for the ride) in a way that’s frozen in the moment: using analogue meant each shot was taken and saved on the film immediately, without the possibility of checking and reshooting.

A big thank you to Christoph for recording these special moments. The series is to be continued and we can’t wait to see what comes next.


© Patterns of Perception 2020 

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