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  • Zilka Grogan

Selections: Paula Koski


Paula Koski is a relative newcomer to techno, having started DJing just one year ago. In that short time, the Finnish talent has played underground gigs in Helsinki and Sweden, played an ambient set at Flow Festival, and started her own deep techno night at club Kaiku in Helsinki. Next Friday, February 9, Paula delivers her debut Berlin performance at Patterns of Perception. In the lead up to her ambient techno opening set, we asked her for five tracks that have inspired her sound.


From Volumi Dinamici. Semantica, 2017.

Claudio PRC is one of my biggest inspirations, and I have probably played his tracks on each of my gigs regardless if I’m opening or closing. This track is a collaboration with Blazej Malinowski, another extremely talented one-of-a-kind producer. Check out his Dark Awakenings album, released with Claudio’s and NessTGP label.

From Shades of Light. Shaded Explorations, 2016.

This track by Fjäder, aka Ida Matsdotter, defines my taste in ambient techno pretty well. It’s dark and ominous but at the same time it a maintains fresh and modern sound. There is a bunch of great music coming from Sweden where I currently live.

From Deep Blue. Hypnus, 2014.

If I remember right, this is THE track that started my interest on deep techno, and it was played at Deep Space Helsinki radio show (another great source of new releases) in 2014. Luigi has such a unique and hypnotising soundscape, and his tracks always inspire and impress me.

From C H O N. Eklero, 2016.

I just recently came across (better late than never), and immediately fell in love with their experimental and contemporary touch on ambient techno. I really like the bleeping, a bit distorted sound in this track. Italians make amazing techno.

From Eco Hypnus, 2014.

After discovering Luigi’s sounds, I started following Hypnus Records, one of my favourite labels, and found Jana Sleep. Beautiful, atmospheric sounds throughout the album. Hot tip: This release is available as a “name your price” download on Bandcamp.


Full Playlist:



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