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  • Zilka Grogan

Selections: Refracted & Andreas Maan

Ten tracks that represent our current sounds and inspiration. Compiled by Refracted and Andreas Maan.


Selected by Andreas Maan

From the Moderskärlek EP. Trolldans, 2014.

This Svreca remix of Claudio PRC on Troldans morphs from its noisy opening into a hauntingly restrained final few minutes. Listening to this track is like lying at the depths of the ocean and watching the sun beginning to rise over the water’s surface above.


From Eco. Hypnus, 2014.

Hypnus records in general, and Jana Sleep specifically, are my inspirations as a producer right now. Everyone Is Waiting perfectly defines her sound: slow, sparse, ominous, yet somehow still luminescent.


From the Faynot EP. Ensydaen Records, 2013.

I couldn’t resist putting a second Svreca remix on this list. I hadn’t heard of Ajtim before I found this remix, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on him. Notime’s icy beauty is mesmerising.


From Circular 10. Circular Limited, 2014.

Devennue has been making some great deep techno, and this BLNDR remix on Circular Limited is a favourite. This track moves at such a controlled pace, yet pushes forward so insistently.


From Mayfield. Hypnus, 2014.

The second Hypnus release on this list is all about its intense, brooding atmosphere. What little unfolds does so slowly, but insistently, as sounds dance lightly across the surface of this track’s dark core.


Selected by Refracted

From Lost Recordings #1 – Why? + For Whom?. Cosmic Recordings, 1996.

Steve Bicknell is a timeless genius in my opinion. He has so many great classics but this one is especially well-fitting to my style of sets.


From S100 EP. Stockholm LTD, 2011.

I love the depth of this track and how it slowly evolves. It’s a nice warmup track to start filling the floor.


From the Squadra Quadra EP. The Bunker New York, 2016.

One of my favourites from 2016. Mind Bomb.


From Faith Is Fear. Dust Science Recordings, 2007.

Perfect track for closing a set or for a break midway. Love it.


From Mind Express 002. Mind Express, 2015.

Sorry for the shameless plug but I’ve been closing nearly all of my sets this year with this one and it was hard not to include it.


Full playlist


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