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  • Zilka Grogan

Selections: Volte-Face & Kalawila


Ten tracks that represent our current sounds and inspiration. Compiled by Volte-Face and Kalawila.


Selected by Volte-Face

From Syndicat De La Couture

Avian, 2017. -

From Pitch Black Mirror

Sonic Groove, 2016. -

From Red Zone

Acidworx, 2016.


Featured on As Patria’s forthcoming Hypoborean Land EP, due late March 2017. Ravage, 2017.


From Metastability.  Sonic Groove, 2015.


Selected by Kalawila

From The Axiom EP

theAgriculture, 2011.


From Cory Arcane. Raster Noton, 2015.


From Painting. Photek, 2006.


From Momentum. Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music, 2003.


From DK Jamz.  Nintendo, 1995. 

(So good.)


Full Playlist:

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