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  • Zilka Grogan

Resident Selections: June 2016

Ten tracks that represent our current sounds and inspiration.


From Cold Radiance. Field Records, 2016.

Iori’s latest LP “Cold Radiance” was an indelible journey through ethereal ambient, eclectic sounds and “A Fall Of Moondust” was just one of the highlights. Deceivingly slow-burning, this piece whirrs and spins – building the tension before the action ahead.


From Doctrine. Hypnus, 2016.

It’s hard not to admire the cohesiveness of Hypnus and its community. Under the guidance of label-boss Ntogn, their brand of  tribal, trippy techno has become almost iconic. “Okuyi” from Swedish producer Skymn is a perfect illustration of the Hypnus aesthetic – solemn and understated but with a surging composition that edges it solidly toward the dancefloor. -

From Gajeree. Semantica, 2016.

Von Grall is fast becoming one of the most revered producers within the French scene. “HJDD” is pulled from his latest EP on Semantica and features his trademark skittering broken-beat percussion and tension-laden atmosphere.


From All Grown Up. BleeD Records, 2015.

Following on from quality production and mixtape releases and high-profile performances around Europe, Volte-Face certainly is hot property at the moment. “Chain of Command” is taken from his late ‘15 release “All Grown Up”. Slow-burning, subtle and hypnotic, this track also builds an unbelievable level of tension and intensity with its sparse elements.


From Islands. Random Island, 2016.

The unusually monikered Inter Gritty has only just entered our periphery, but dang has he made a mark quickly. His latest LP “Islands” is an acid-tinged opus that hints at ambience but revels in the highs of solid, percussive techno. “Stac Lee” is my early pick thanks to its hypnotic rhythm and persistent, upbeat drive.


From Acidub. Kontra Musik, 2016.

Andreas Tillander’s (aka TM404) love for classic synthesisers shines through on his superb new album “Acidub” on Kontra. True to its name, acid and dub form the basis of this album, but it is the range that he explores between that I find exciting. “Sapto” finds itself on the exotic range of the spectrum, with reverb-affected percussion and burbling synth undercurrent.


From Etherwerks 07. Etherwerks, 2016.

Rasmus Hedlund and Ness… what a combination! Groovy, deep, atmospheric – and totally devastating when that kick starts in earnest around the 2 minute mark. 100% class.


From In Absentia – Tome I. Delsin, 2016.

I feel as if Shlømo has been flying under the radar for some time, but after excellent releases on the likes of Delsin, Arts and Invites Choice, it seems like he is becoming hard to ignore. “Escape From The Void” is lifted from his EP “In Absentia”, and is a track that uses airy percussion to invigorate and lift a moody, cinematic burner.


From 5 Years of Artefacts Chapter Two. Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2016.

Another dynamic duo – this time in the form of techno world beaters Speedy J and Lucy. Heavy on tribal atmosphere, this stripped back number rumbles its way through 11 fantastic, chime-filled minutes.


From Semantica 10.II. Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2016.

Solid, driving… Banging. But also not without a decent measure of trippiness on top.  This slick production comes from Berlin duo Cassegrain and featured on Semanticas latest label compilation. Perfect peak-time dancefloor fodder.


Full Playlist:


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