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  • Zilka Grogan

Selections: Ben Buitendijk & Tom Liem

Ten tracks that represent our current sounds and inspiration. Compiled by Tom Liem and Ben Buitendijk.

Artwork taken from Ben and Tom’s split EP on ESHU.


Selected by Tom Liem

From Piano Nights

[PIAS] Recordings, 2013.

Beautiful doom jazz for lonely nights reflecting on the day or a period of time. -

Mille Plateaux, 2001.

He’s my hero seriously – his ambient works are so good. Very minimal with maximised impact.


Geffen Records, 1995.

Wu Tang forever! -

From Kering#004 Kering, 2016.

To me Ivano is the craziest producer in Holland right now. Forget about all the popular ones you hear about. Ivano is a true wizard and master of the arts.


From The Jungle Planet. Sleeper Wakes, 2013.

Mills is still so far ahead of anyone else. This whole album is just one sick trip. I recommend listening to it on some magic mushrooms.


Selected by Ben Buitendijk

From Untitled

Office Recordings, 2016.

Baaz’s Office Recordings has been on fire recently.


From the Bad Signal EP. ESHU, 2015.

ESHU, besides being good friends, put out great music.


From Painting. Tape Records, 2016.

I’m a big fan of Deniro (obviously :D) and his label Tape Records is one to follow. -

From the Drai EP. Stratosphere Recordings, 2001.

Tikita has put out some super nice records and the next one is a re-issue of one of my all-time favorites. -

From Undulating Frequencies Spazio Disponibile, 2016. 

Everything Donato Dozzy is involved in is great. Spazio Disponibile no exception.


Full Playlist:


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