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  • Zilka Grogan

Selections: Claudio Fabrianesi


“Techno music has a long history which began earlier than 1990, but this year is important for me because that’s when I heard Energy Flash by Joey Beltram for the first time. This is the record that made me discover techno music and encouraged me to start DJing in February 1993.

“Obviously the music that inspired me during this time is much more than 10 tracks and there are too many artists to be mentioned. This list is just a selection of 10 essential tracks for my DJ activity.

“The tracklist is in order of time, from 1990 to 1997. Enjoy :)” 

– Claudio Fabrianesi


From Energy Flash. Transmat, 1990


From Elimination / Gamma Ray. Underground Resistance, 1991.


From Surfing on Sine Waves. Warp, 1992.


From Sound on Sound. Planet E, 1993


From Unbalanced Frequency. Djax Up Beats, 1992.


From Krakpot. Plus 8 Records, 1993.


From the Reservation EP. Cheap Records, 1994.


From The Increased Difficulty of Concentration. Sm:)e Communications, 1994.


From Our Man From Havana. Purpose Maker, 1997.


From Moveable Parts Chapter 2. M-Plant, 1997.


Full Playlist:


Catch Claudio Fabrianesi at Patterns of Perception this Friday, June 29, 2018 at OHM Berlin.


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