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  • Zilka Grogan

A chat with Nuel


From his hometown of Rimini, within a short walk of the sea, Italian DJ Nuel (real name Manuel Fogliata) has been quietly searching for his sound. It’s been a productive process, resulting in recent releases on Midgar, Semantica and Latency, to name just a few.

This Friday, he returns to Berlin, another city he once called home, for the first Patterns of Perception of 2019. Ahead of his set, we caught up with Nuel about starting with the end in mind and finding beauty in the incomplete.


To start us off, what have you been up to lately?

I spent a well deserved amount of time away, where I’ve cleaned my body and cleared my mind.

You’re based in Rimini, a resort town in Italy and a city which might not seem like the first port of call for a techno DJ. What attracts you to this area?

Rimini is my hometown, I like it, not too big not too small. People I love are here and I can reach the sea for a walk in a few minutes. It seems to give me all the things I need at the moment.

To what extent has moving around and living in cities such as Berlin impacted you creatively?

Berlin is a special place for me. Spending three years there had a big impact on different levels, creatively and personally as well. It expanded my view at that time and I’m still grateful for it.

Do you draw inspiration from different places or from the people you’ve met?

Absolutely. I find inspiration from every experience, but it’s a very subtle thing. The environment is extremely important, and what you eat, drink and breath can dictate your mood.


As a producer, you’ve had recent releases on labels including Midgar, SemanticaLatency and Kontra-Musik. How has your sound developed over the years since you first started making music?

I’m still looking for my sound, and this is what keeps me alive. The beauty is in this unfinished process.

Has your approach to producing music also changed over this period of time?

I definitely switched to a ‘top down’ approach, it’s nice and can be applied to the creativity as well. Something like having a vision, starting with the end in mind and doing only those necessary steps to get there, ignoring distractions.

Your latest release, The Gentle, came out on Midgar Records late last year. Tell us a bit of the story behind this release: where was it recorded, what inspired you?

The record came out naturally from my friendship with Jacopo, I was thinking about his face while doing it.

Which artists and labels are you following closely at the moment, and why?

There are a lot of good producers I respect and it’s difficult for me to name some and leave out others. Generally, I’m more attracted by those who sound innovative and fresh to my ears, but emotions in the sound come first.

Lastly, what can we expect from your set at Patterns of Perception?

Having a good time. I would like to share some good music I discovered recently.


Patterns of Perception // Nuel & Grand River is happening this Friday at OHM Berlin.


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