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  • Zilka Grogan

Selections: Svreca's top tracks from a decade of Semantica


To coincide with revered techno label Semantica’s 10 year anniversary, we asked label head Svreca for his top tracks from each year of the past decade. Spanning 2006-15, these are his picks – and the story behind them.

Catch Svreca at Patterns of Perception 1 Year in About Blank this Sunday, May 21.


2006 Paul Bailey – Multiball From the 126a EP.

“Still loving this awesome track from Paul ‘Damage’. This was featured in the first 12” on the label, a record in between techno and IDM with Kero and myself.”


2007 Vladislav Delay ‎- Recovery IDea (Svreca Edit) From Recovery IDea (Part One).

“This one is quite special: it’s my first remix ever and for Vladislav Delay. I remember having this test-pressing for more than a year waiting to enter production due to a lot problems with the distributor. It was finally out in 2008, but the 12” was finished early 2017.”


2008 Arcanoid – Sad (Talking About) From Prologue.

“This is an absolute masterpiece. Arcanoid is probably my favorite Spanish producer; an amazing talent and a true pioneer as a DJ playing a key role in the Spanish scene during the ‘90s. This track was the beginning for the SEMANTICA X, Y, Z 12”s.”


2009 E.R.P. – Sensory Process From Evoked Potentials (Part One).

Gerard Hanson is a unique producer on many levels, and that’s why every release under his different monikers had that ‘cult’ imprint. So I put this unfinished Evoked Potentials series into my favorite Semantica releases. We definitively need more E.R.P. music.”


2010 Svreca – Utero (Regis Remix) From Obscur.

“This track marks to me an inflection point in my life. Everything started to change with this Obscur 12”; during making and after releasing it. Karl had always played a huge role as an influence to me. Regis, Downwards, BMB, O/V/R, Sandwell District, Jealous God and every alternative pseudonym. Legend.”


2011 Mike Parker ‎- Thermo From Thermo

“Semantica moves totally to techno at this point. This track is an amazing take from Mike Parker who delivers an awesome 12” for the label.”


2012 Surgeon – As You Breathe Here Now From Untitled.

“One day I received an email from Anthony Child with this astonishing track. After several requests, Tony waited for the right moment to gave me the opportunity to release an original track from him. I built SEMANTICA 50 in a kind of improvisation to give sense to this orphan but key track.

Every time I listen this track Labyrinth 2012 came to my mind; was a very special place to unveil this gem.”


2013 Grischa Lichtenberger – Remel Plus (Svreca Edit) From the For Your Eyes Only Sampler 2.

“I made this remix with the ‘For Your Eyes Only’ Mix in mind. A project in between a catalog showcase and the tribute to Konvent (Cal Rosal). Still one of my favorites on the label and a more personal vision of that techno moment.”


2014 Acronym – Nifelheim From Yggdrasil.

“This Acronym 12” is just flawless. No matter which track you pick from this ‘Yggdrasil’, it is Acronym at his best. Dan’s talent and vision is simply brilliant, and I’m sure he will only get better and better with the years.”


2015 Varg – No Knowledge Of Sorrow Or Regret (Abdulla Rashim Remix) From Variations.

Jonas and Anthony’s contributions for Semantica are priceless. This one is just an example, because they don’t have limits or boundaries in this game.”


Full Playlist:


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