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  • Zilka Grogan

Selections: A. Brehme & Hysteria


Ten tracks that represent our current sounds and inspiration. Compiled by A. Brehme and Hysteria.


Selected by A. Brehme

From Dyson Sector-NGC-224. Hypnus, 2014.

For being the soundtrack of an intense psychedelic experience.


From Sister Feelings Call. Virgin, 1981.

Because there’s no reason for not having it on constant rotation.


From Vocalcity. Force Tracks, 2000.

For being one of the sexiest records I own.


From Evoked Potentials Part Two. Semantica, 2010.

For serving as the soundtrack of an emotionally tough period.


From the 80s Compilation EP. EE Tapes, 2012.

For being a token for the many discoveries working in a record shop has to offer.


From Entain. Mille Plateaux, 2000.

For bringing me inner peace when demanded.


Selected by Hysteria

From Eyes in the Center. Ostgut Ton, 2017.

Dark, trippy and cosmic. I feel like I’m flying through an intergalactic space chase.


From Timid Ocean Drawings. Deep Sound Channel, 2014.

Strikes a perfect balance between hypnotic intensity and lucid dreaming.


From Kinship. Delsin, 2017.

My favourite track from their debut LP. Pulsating acid trip.


From Bakom Planteringen. Posh Isolation, 2016.

Rhythmic and melodic electronica, perfect for a drive home.


Full playlist:


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