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  • Zilka Grogan

Resident Selections: April 2016

Ten tracks that represent our current sounds and inspiration.


From The Furthest Reaches. Auxiliary, 2016.

I just recently discovered ASC, but already his achingly beautiful, atmospheric soundscapes have made an indelible mark. Arc seems wonderfully lush on first listen, but hidden beneath the layers of synth is a subtly driving percussion that complements the track perfectly.  Steve


From Stockholm_Helsinki 1.0. Reclaim Your City, 2016.

The Swedish word “drömsyn” refers to a vision or realization that you have in a dream, and I believe this definition reflects the track flawlessly. Evigt Mörker somehow always manages to strike the perfect balance between euphoria and melancholia; subtlety and dancefloor drive. Kim


From NGLY. L.I.E.S., 2014.

A simple, effective number that starts with a groove, and builds with decadent vocals and twisted textures – sounds that run endlessly through your mind after a long night. Hysteria


From the Enoha EP. Nonplus Records, 2011.

Tribal with an analogue flavour and a hint of dub, this is a classic example of how Kassem dances between techno and house, perfect for when you can’t decide between dark room or the open air. Hysteria

From the Octagon EP. Eklero, 2016.

For us, Acronym is one of the heroes of the deep techno movement. Toeing the line between hypnotic trippiness and euphoric ambience, his productions never disappoint. This superb remix for Italy’s takes the eclectic industrial sound of the original and imbues it with layers of melody and atmosphere. Steve


From Chosen 2. Affin, 2012.

Master remixer Jeroen Search turns his hand to the restrained brutality of this cut from Swiss duo ad.lib & silvision. The darkness and force of the original is stained with a microdose of acid, making for the kind of track that beguiles the mind as execrably as it moves the body. Andreas


From the Ciphers EP. Midgar, 2016.

This mesmerizing techno masterpiece from Japanese up-and-comer Wata Igarashi’s latest EP is an instant favourite. Its psychedelic soundscapes and staccato drums are sure to lift every dancefloor it touches. Kim


From NX1 08. NX1, 2016.

NX1 typify the level of techno quality coming out of Spain at the moment. Collaborations with Developer and Adriana Lopez, as well as releases on Semantica, M_REC LTD and their own NX1 imprint have seen them steadily build their reputation. This track, NX1 08 22 was lifted from their most recent EP, and combines hypnotic composition with an upbeat and yet somehow unsettling vibe. Steve


From the Diagnostic Federation EP. Prologue, 2011.

Ness has slid seamlessly between a variety of genres in the two decades he has been DJing and producing music. Diagnostic Imaging perfectly embodies his current techno sound: deep, mesmerizingly hypnotic, and pushing ever forward. Andreas


From The Last Vehicle EP. Dement3d, 2012.

Deep, dark and driving are the three qualities I look for in a track to play late in the party, when time and space have given way to sound, light and movement. Few producers capture this moment better than Polar Inertia, and few tracks better than this one. Andreas


Full playlist:


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