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31 – John Osborn

John Osborn moved to Berlin in the late 1990’s, in the aftermath of the fall of the wall, when the city was heaving with electronic music and full of empty spaces in which creativity could thrive. From his first gig at WMF, on the bill alongside Dixon and Mitja Prinz, to his residency at Panorama Bar for Scuba’s famed SUB:STANCE parties, he quickly became a regular fixture in the local electronic music scene – and has remained there since. As the head of DRED (and formerly of TANSTAAFL RECORDS), John has found space to express his creativity away from the dancefloor, both as a producer/remixer and as a selector and champion of emerging and established artists.

This adroit, blistering mix is a live recording of his sunrise set from Patterns of Perception’s Two Years party at About Blank on 5-6 May, 2018.

Check out our interview with John here.


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