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26 – Hydrangea

Hydrangea’s life as a producer and DJ began relatively recently, when in 2014 she began expressing the quietness, wonder and intensity of nature in techno. For this prodigious French talent, creating and selecting music is an act of entering a deeper dimension, both transcendent and grounded in the hypnotic beauty of the natural world.

As a producer, she has released her own productions – which are lucid, mesmerising, arresting – on Annulled Music, Two-Two Records, and Silent Season.

As a DJ, she is equally inspired by the dancefloors she plays to across Europe as by the nature around her home. She describes this mix for Patterns of Perception as a musical trip for one of her walks in the forest, creating an inner journey while being connected with the surroundings.

Wherever you happen to listen to it, we are confident it will have a similar effect on you. Hydrangea's Links: Facebook SoundCloud

Tracklist: Lena Deen – Lateral Ntogn – Draki Meta – Ambiente 2 Kanthor – Ballet Mécanique Bichord – Analog Wind Adam Michalak – Evening Later Void & Materia – Sonar Call Andaman – Vision III (Refracted Remix) Mohlao – Patchbay Kanthor – Kirtana Chnl – Ion (Terra) Perial – 2019 Teste + Edit Select – Ascend Aquarium – Sandalwood Mohlao – Rotar Depthon – Polygraph (Ricardo Garduno Remix) Sicarius Hahnio – Resto Domani Vytis – Ocean


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