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22 – A Strangely Isolated Place

London-born, LA-based Ryan Griffin began A Strangely Isolated Place a decade ago as a manifestation of his love for collecting and sharing music. The project soon grew into a vinyl label and a community of artists sharing a reverence for a diverse and esoteric range of genres, from ambient to electronica, modern classical to techno. Artists releasing on the label currently include Merrin Karras aka Chymera, Arovane, Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri, Purl, and Markus Guentner.

This atmospheric selection incorporates into A Strangely Isolated Place’s signature sound additional elements of the trance and house music genres on which Ryan cut his DJing teeth. An organic approach to selection and mixing ensures a richly layered collage that manages to take some startling turns while remaining effortlessly cohesive throughout. A Strangely Isolated Place's Links: Facebook SoundCloud Bandcamp Twitter Instagram


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