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17 – Antonio Vázquez

Antonio Vázquez hails from Seville, Spain, but learnt his art as a DJ in Madrid in the 2000s. After moving to Berlin in 2011, he began focusing his energy on producing and mixing deep techno, while never losing his eclectic edge. He has released on such forward-thinking labels as Shaded Explorations, Hypnus Records, and Semantica Records, while taking up bookings at clubs including ://about blank, Komme, psuescho_club, B/RUT, Research, Tresor and Berghain.

Distinguished by atmospheric and organic timbres, his music floats between austere minimalism and vivid expansiveness, but never loses its drive and urgency. This kaleidoscopic fusion of elements characterises his mix for Patterns of Perception.

“I don’t have a phone, I don’t need to eat too much, I don’t need to spend so much money. I’ve reduced the… I wouldn’t say my needs, but wills. I worked a lot in the past years and I discovered, why do I work so much? To go on holidays? Why am I not living like I’m on holidays? This is how I’ve reached the peace that I have.”

Read our interview with Antonio here.

Antonio Vazquez's Links: SoundCloud Resident Advisor


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