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93 - Jasmín

Amsterdam-based Jasmín is a DJ and radio host renowned for her eclectic, percussion-rich sound. Immersed in a vivid spectrum of bass, breaks, dubstep, acid and techno, she also readily embraces the weird, with a knack for uncovering the most compelling of unexpected oddities.

As both a hard-working and in-demand selector, Jasmín has taken the stage at an array of much loved venues and events across the world, including the likes of the Dekmantel, Dekmantel Selectors and Rewire Festivals, De School, Garage Noord, Tresor, Griessmuehle, and New York’s Bossa Nova Civic Club. In recent times, she’s spent time honing her skills in the studio, with her first two track releases being featured on VAs from Dekmantel and Martyn’s 3024 imprint.

Jasmín's Patterns of Perception 93 feels simultaneously free-spirited and precise, with its energy and emotion combining to perfectly capture her distinctive sound. Buoyant, expressive rhythms find cathartic release amongst flashes of luminescent energy. Warm, playful atmospheres are actually intensified by pensive, reflective interludes. Past inspirations find reinvigoration alongside feelings and reflections from today.


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