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92 - Marius Bø

As one of the forces behind Ute Rec and one half of Accelerationism, Oslo based DJ, promoter and label head Marius Bø’s singular, trance-infused sound feels both fresh and profoundly nostalgic.

Starting in 2017 with highly curated open air raves in his native Norway as part of the Uteklubb collective, both Marius and the group have continued to evolve, with the inception of their Ute Rec imprint in 2019 representing the fruition of the group's distinctive sound aesthetic. A string of influential releases from Oprofessionell, The Dosadi Experiments and Mikkel Rev, alongside the high-profile Accelerationism CDs that have seen them collaborate with the likes of Alpha Tracks, S.O.N.S. and Sunju Hargun, plus a VA fundraiser alongside Amniote Editions have helped Marius and Ute Rec to quickly garner a global audience, giving them a platform to share their unique vision of psychedelic contemporary trance.

Hitting like a deep, rejuvenating breath in the open air, Marius' Patterns of Perception 92 is a pulsating, private moment for emotions and reflections to cascade and flow. Evoking the serene, iridescent embrace of the chill-out room, this mix floats weightlessly in the aether between psychedelic downtempo and ambient trance - a shimmering assembly of textures and inspirations, both new and old. It is a space for closed eyes, kaleidoscopic perception and slow heart rates - a tonic for the mind, body and soul.

Marius Bø's Links: SoundCloud Instagram


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