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83 - Diskonnected

As resident of the revered Taiwanese platform Smoke Machine, diskonnected is both a tastemaker and selector of wide esteem. Having been an integral member of the Smoke Machine crew for over a decade, his vision has shaped both the style and presence of the platform, culminating in a range of cutting edge, high-profile events in Taiwan and around the globe, and the irreplaceable Smoke Machine Podcast, which has comfortably been one of the most respected and insightful sources of truth within the wider techno scene since its inception ten years ago.

On a personal level, diskonnected’s wide-ranging and intricately selected sounds are a true local fixture in Taiwan, but his natural prowess and flair as a DJ has seen him reach crowds the world over, with appearances at a multitude of key events in Germany, the UK, Holland, South Korea, Japan, the US and more recently in Streamland, to name but a few.

Recorded live at a recent event at Pawnshop in Taipei, Patterns of Perception 83 finds diskonnected in an energetic mood, as he takes a vivid, groove-laden dive into the world of contemporary drum & bass. In this set, an impeccable array of textures flow effortlessly alongside powerful, irrepressible rhythms to exhilarating effect. Feeling simultaneously invigorating and nostalgic, these 81 mins perfectly capture the colour, vibrancy and spirit of a proper club night in full swing.


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