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82 - Jane Fitz

To introduce Jane Fitz as a legend of the scene borders on understatement. The UK selector has earned an almost cult-like following born out of her annual sets at Freerotation festival, co-founding London’s Night Moves parties (with good friend Jade Seatle), a more recent residency at revered club the Pickle Factory, a monthly show on Rinse FM, and a pre-pandemic touring schedule that took in countless clubs and festivals the world over. She herself admits to being committed to the scene for life, driven by a deep appreciation of the music above all else – and a constant desire to surprise both herself and her audience equally.

For her Patterns of Perception 82, Jane has recreated some of the warmth she felt during her visit to Berlin for a b2b with Eric Cloutier at our party in November 2019, an event which remains a vivid memory on both sides. The mix features many records collected over the past year of the pandemic and not yet played out, giving it a sense of urgency and an uplifting quality that, for her, recalls an outdoor festival set in better days. “A bit of me was kind of longing for playing on the side of a Japanese mountain again or for all those festivals you do in the summer,” she says. “I wanted to have people stomping on a forest floor.”

Night Moves - Facebook Invisible Menders - Facebook Jane Fitz b2b Eric Cloutier - Patterns of Perception, OHM - October 2019:


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