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81 - Millú

Melbourne-based DJ and radio host Millú has firmly established herself as a vital contributor to the city’s buoyant music scene in recent years. As a true drawcard for the local and global online scenes, and the host of two beloved radio shows, her sunny, groove-laden sound has seen her quickly gain recognition as a deeply skilled selector with an ear (and record bag) perfectly suited to any mood or dancefloor.

Both of her shows - Full Circle on independent station RRR and Dischord on Skylab - are renowned for their perfectly-curated oddities, and give Millú a platform to share her love for both musical diversity and the local scene, with guests and co-hosts joining her to explore genres as far-flung as kraut, downtempo and balearic, through to breaks, acid and IDM.

Taking these same foundational loves into the world with her as a DJ, Millú has graced the stage at numerous key Australian events, including Inner Varnika, Golden Plains, Pitch and Strawberry Fields, delivering stirring, memorable sets either solo, or alongside regular collaborator and partner-in-crime, Pjenné. Recently, the pair have started work on their latest project, a record label called Companion, which will delve into downtempo and atmospheric iterations of the electronic underground, bringing the language of ethereal 90s electronica, psychedelic IDM and ambient trance and techno to the present day.

With Patterns of Perception 81, we find Millú's distinctively warm, dreamy, soulful and adventurous sound in full flight. In this vision, natural soundscapes melt into lush, patient melodies, which in turn rise effortlessly into urgent, liquid rhythms. A seeming disregard for categorisation is betrayed by her careful, well-considered selections and programming, and although countless sounds, feelings and moods pass in the course of this mix, Millú’s uplifting, life-affirming spirit is compellingly present throughout.

Millú’s Links: SoundCloud


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