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70 - Mary Lake

For Amsterdam-based Mary Lake, expression and eclecticism are vital. With an international upbringing spanning Algeria, France and the Netherlands, her musical passion finds voice in diversity and exploration, with sounds as far-flung as folk, world music and electronica finding an easy balance within her palette. Beginning life as a DJ within London’s underground scene and on NTS, Mary quickly became a regular on the Dutch circuit upon her return in 2017. In a club setting, her sound is truly compelling, with frenetic techno and electro rhythms blending effortlessly with left-field experimentations. Following appearances at Dekmantel and Lowlands festivals, as well as at many renowned venues at home in the Netherlands and abroad in cities like Berlin and Melbourne, hers is truly a star on the rise.

Mary’s Patterns of Perception 70 is in some ways reflective of the challenges that we all face during these difficult times. With nightlife momentarily on hold, a major source of energy and inspiration has been stripped from the scene, and from life in general. For Mary, listening to her favourite music from before the onset of Covid-19 is a difficult experience, with much of it being inextricably linked to her pre-pandemic life. When preparing her mix, this forced her to rethink her taste and find inspiration elsewhere, providing the impetus to both dig deeper and look inwardly to find a deeper connection with her true self.

The resulting set is a diverse and energy-infused personal voyage that traverses a vivid spectrum of techno and breakbeat sounds. It perfectly captures Mary’s signature frenetic sound, while also embracing the optimism and simple pleasure of the living in the moment, no matter how difficult that might seem.


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