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67 - Steve Good

Hailing from Wales but a resident of Japan for the past 25 years, Steve Good has, in various forms, been involved with music for his entire life. From classical violin through just about every genre imaginable, he finally found himself sucked into the vortex of London’s rave scene in the 90s. After moving to Tokyo in ’95, he started work at a recording studio, producing, mixing, mastering, remixing and programming music for artists, bands, games, and TV commercials, while simultaneously DJing for clubs and parties and producing via his own downtempo project, Puff Dragon. Involved in Labyrinth since its beginnings, Steve takes responsibility for that festival’s legendary sound quality.

After moving to the wild northern-Japanese island of Hokkaido in 2012 with his family, he found natural inspiration for what is now recognised as the Labyrinth sound. The epic beauty and remoteness of this icy, rock-covered isle on the north-west corner of the Pacific Ocean became the inspiration for Steve’s musical explorations of the interplay between the human and the natural, creating a huge and lasting effect on both his own musical output and the indelible artistic mark of Labyrinth Festival.

This present live set grew out of a phase of sadness and listlessness Steve experienced as the upheavals of 2020 ricocheted across the globe. In the absence of those usually unnoticed markers of the passage of time, anchor points drift and the moorings that ground opportunities for perspective and insight flit and vanish. Yet in this sea of disorientation, the plants continue to grow, rivers flow, waves crash, and the seasons keep on turning. In place of what appeared to be missing arises the possibility of experiencing each moment in its sublime evanescence. Steve Good’s Patterns of Perception 67 is forest music, mountain music, lake music. It holds chaos and beauty within it, transporting the listener to places both on the edge, and at the core, of the fleeting beauty of existence.

After witnessing his ethereal, truly moving opening set on day two of last year’s Labyrinth festival, this mix is a uniquely personal one for our collective. We’re delighted to welcome Steve onto our platform to share his inimitable musical vision.

Steve Good's Links: Facebook Bandcamp


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