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66 - Laura BCR

Laura BCR picked up her first pair of turntables as a teenager in the south of France. Yet despite collecting music assiduously since childhood, it was only in around 2013 that she began to treat the outside world to her immense skills as a DJ and selector. Having worked as a booking agent, record store owner (Bass Cadet Records, Berlin) and since 2015 head of On Board Music, her deep and lifelong immersion in music manifests in the supreme depth and breadth of her musical selections, which show influences of jazz, ambient, rock, folk, and of course techno. After several years on the move, Laura has now found herself in Berlin once again - the ideal place from which her skills and sophistication as a DJ can emanate.

We’re very happy to welcome Laura back onto Patterns of Perception. Her transfixing, groove-laden set at our Two Year birthday party in 2018 remains embedded in our memories, and we’re glad to be able to share another side of her distinctive sound.

Drawing on a recent collaboration with Buenos Aires-based video artist Santiago Rojo for NYC-based Public Records TV, entitled Light & Sea, the works that comprise this Patterns of Perception 66 are delicately woven into a contemplative, meditative body of work that explores the concept of travel - a pertinent theme for the restricted, static world we currently find ourselves in.

Read our interview with Laura from 2018:…-laura-bcr


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