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57 - Ligovskoï

Ligovskoi is an immersive audio-visual project founded in 2010 by Nikolaï Azonov and Valerio Selig. The pair invite the listener into a deep meditative state through their ambient, experimental and drone-focused productions and live performances. With releases on Field and Dement3d, among others, they also develop their sound and visual materials into installations. Their Patterns of Perception 57, introduced below in a short text by the duo’s good friend Victoire Kalamarides, is a serene example of the expansive and deeply contemplative atmospheres Ligovskoï creates.

"Ligovskoï’s set offers soundscapes of consciousness. Like a light that sounds through infinite spaces, the luminous property of their sounds sweep across waves of subtle body motions - one’s breathing patterns - and emotions. Shaping patches into a continuous breath, they present a deep session of inspiration. Their set’s movements give direction to a rain of vibrations that fills space into an electronic sound bath. Ligovskoï’s contemplative music supports the listener’s engagement to what is given to be heard. This journey’s sonic qualities resonate with the same qualities one possesses: luminosity, profundity - what one hears is what one is. It is as if the territories sounded by their modulations reflect one’s internal sphere; as to better hear that the limits between what exists outside and inside is porous; a constant be-coming. An envelope of resonance that wraps one’s body into rapture. The listener’s mind navigates through sonic currents to progress from horizontality to verticality. Their measure has to do more with space and less with time: an invitation to take the time to carve more space. It is a profound music that has the ability to alleviate us from the weight of gravity; we feel lighter, like light. Through the final elevation we can find a spiritual revelation: a deep state of relaxation. Ligovskoï’s music breathes us." - Victoire Kalamarides


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